Saturday, 31 December 2011


 This blog will hopefully show my journey from thinking about doing something to actually putting my kneck out and finishing it.

Since I hit the age of around 20 while seeing the ironman coverage on the TV I wanted to do it. I wanted the tattoo, I wanted to be able to call myself an ironman and for people to appreciate the sheer scale of the accomplishment.
     I have always been a kind of person who thinks "yea I could do that" but never put my money where my mouth is and actually dedicate myself to something, other than those who know me know I loved my martial arts and really dedicated my time into training and grading.
     I knew that I would be a fool to sign up for the full Ironman for my first tri so the next foolish thing would be the 70.3....

as a few bits have happened over the past 2 weeks the dates may seem a little off.