Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A month on

Its been a whole month since I last posted here so thought it would be good to update the blog and record recent progress

Swimming - Not alot really, been down the lake a few times but have`nt touched the pool at all, Kay has her first sprint triathlon next sunday so ive been training with her around 1km sessions once a week or so.

Biking - Ive done loads of cycling over the past 4 weeks as my strava shows including a 51.5 miler around 3 weeks ago, went up to wycombe for a morning in the sun and managed 17.4mph average over a profile containing 2,623ft which had some really steep hills. Ive also done some speed work to the lake averaging 20mph over a 20mile distance which is good to know for my goal of 18.7mph next year at Ironman.

Running - Now the last time I wrote my knee was poor and I had not run for around 10 weeks, I have finally started running again which feels amazing having been so long, I managed my first 5k in 24.48 and my knee felt great. Since then I have done another 2 5k laps around 25-26mins which is only around 3-4minutes off my PB which hopefully should be easy to get back to when I start putting some serious miles in.

My bike broke again a little over a week ago while 20 miles away my spoke snapped for the second time in 3 weeks and my rear bracket was squeaking like mad, it was loose and could have fallen off, just my luck. Get it back Friday evening for a blast round the lanes.

Looking ahead the nights are certainly drawing in now meaning cycling after 8pm is a no no unless lighted up and dressed warm. I went spinning 4 times last week, twice on my own averaging 296 watts on 1 occasion which compares to my usual average of around 250-260 after a spin class. Improvement!

3 months until my plan kicks in and my life is over for 7 months. enjoying my 3 days rest a week while it lasts..... over and out