Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spin Spin Spin

Started spinning this week which I think should really help my leg strength in those long hilly rides! first session was Tuesday, averaged 251 watts and 90 RPM which apparently is quite good for first time in over a year! Second session was Thursday evening which averaged 249 Watts. The instructor did happen to tell everyone in the class that she wanted everyone looking like me (clinging to the bike looking like im about to pass out or be sick!) what a state haha! heart rate was about 182 tho so was working hard!

Mums Bday this weekend so only did 3.5 mile run on Sat Morning along the beach and just got in from an apparent (had to plot myself=inaccurate) 12miles in 1hr 47mins, think its more like 11 miles but still puts me on a 2 hourish half which is what im going for.

Best of luck to Kayleigh Running the Silverstone half marathon today!

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