Friday, 25 May 2012

New knee please

So after 3 weeks off from running I remain adament that new trainers will cure my knee issues and will guide me to the finish line in just over 3 weeks.

I am venturing out tomorrow to get videoed on the treadmill and purchase a pair that I will use on Sunday for my first Olympic distance race at dorney lake in Windsor again.

I still do not have my new bike which is such a shame as with 3 weeks to go I need as much saddle time as possible on it to get used to the aero position and the areo gearing. I have been told that it is being built on Tuesday so with my by wednesday... now where have I heard that before.... I must say that Planet X are possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with and that includes BT / virgin and even Sky who are all in my bad books.

Ive kept the open water swimming going and am comfortably swimming around 2k in about 35-40mins. This weekend I am planning to blaze the swim to see where I am over 1500meters I am hoping for a sub 30minute.

Ive been spinning twice a week and doing long rides at the weekends with as many hills as I can find to go up, down and then power up again. It is getting easier!

So everything is almost in place for the event in just over 3 weeks, I plan to do one more week of intensive training and then Taper correctly for the weeks running upto race day. I am watching my nutrition very carefully and avoiding all types of "Junk Food" and Alcohol to be in the best condition possible on race day.

Hurry up Planet X!

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