Sunday, 18 March 2012

Upping the Miles

Started to really up my training now and seem to be getting some great workouts in.

This week I went spinning on Tuesday and Thursday and ran just under 10miles on Wednesday in 1hr 22mins which was a good time for me.

I also ran a 10k on Friday night in 48.19 with a 23.19 first 5k split which was about 30 seconds off my PB but the route I chose went uphill for around 2k so hopefully that time will come down as I change it.

So since last sunday Ive ran 28miles and cycled around 53miles. Have`nt been down the pool this week but will get down there soon for a dip.

New bike has been ordered also so hopefully that will be here in a week or so :)

Started to get abit annoyed that none of my bloody clothes are fitting me now, o well rather this way than the other :)

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