Monday, 9 April 2012

Training update!

Been a while since ive blogged but have kept the training going and the miles are slowly creeping up, I have been spinning most weeks and this weekend have done a 38mile cycle with some big hills to replicate wimbleball followed by a 10k brick run @ 55mins which I am very happy with as my legs felt like lead.

Yesterday I did a 11.6 miles run in 1hr43mins which I found quite easy, hopefully that will put me under 2 hour half marathon with some more training.

This morning I went for my first ever open water swim, The water was freezing and it was raining so I must say it was certainly a shock to the system. It was hard to breath and my face ached from the coldness! My wetsuit was very warm but I think I rushed putting it on and it had gaps which let water in quite alot!

managed about 900m, Will go again next week for hopefully an improved performance.

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