Sunday, 15 April 2012

50 mile bike ride

Today I have completed a 50mile bike ride in 3hrs 10mins with some good hills and elevations included. That gives me the world of confidence in being able to cycle 56 miles 8 weeks today....

I also went for a second open water swim yesterday morning, around 40minutes but not sure how far I covered as I only confirmed the markers once out of the lake. They have an accurate 1km course so the next session Ill start at the first bouy and try and do 2 laps and see my time at the end.

Got mega neck chafage from the wetsuit and my neck is now red raw, Body glide to be purchased very soon to stop that ever happening again.

Did 80minutes on the spin bike on Thursday including a class in between and also ran a solid 48.50min 10k on Wednesday evening. Onwards!

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