Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Training

After a good last week of training I took a few days off this week but did a 5k Run on Wednesday then continued in the gym on Friday evening.

A quick 10miles bike Ride followed by a 2 miles Brick Run to try and get used to that jelly`d leg feeling after cycling, then I jumped in the pool and did my full 70.3 Distance 1.9km in a very satisfying 36mins (10mins ahead of goal), I found the swim quite easy also and hopefully in a straight line will be much quicker as to not stop and turn around each end.

Saturday Morning - Another 30miles Bike ride through the country hills but did it 20mins quicker than last week and really didn`t struggle apart from a few steep hills.

Sunday Morning - 15.7 mile run, Went with Kay on one of her weekly long runs and really tried to push myself, managed it just but knees are now paying the price, good to know I can cover the 13.1miles I need in my race.

Me and Kay then went to the Tri exibition to sample the many many nutritional products and get myself fitted for a wetsuit, I got fitted in a brand Blue Seventeen which was perfect but they wanted £230 for it which I thought was rather expensive, Made a note of Size / Model and found a brand new one on ebay with tags which I purchased for a rather cheaper £100 :)

Bargain Hunter!

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