Sunday, 1 January 2012

Taking the plunge

Me and Kay went away for new year to a lovely retreat in the hills of Devon.

I decided to go for a run to get rid of some of that xmas luggage and ran up and down some steep hills for around 30-40mins. When I got home I thought "that was easy" and I was`nt even feeling fit and fresh being just after xmas and that got me thinking.
          After abit of browsing the ironman website on my mobile I saw the registration page for the 70.3 and didnt even think twice, card details in and pressed the "enter button". The confirmation email prompty came through, what had I done? I had just spent £220 on a race that I didnt really know anything about other than the distances of which I thought I could acheive.

So what had I signed up for? 1.2mile swim / 56mile Bike ride / 13.1 Miles run. O dear God

Think its best to get some research done.

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