Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Been a few weeks since ive updated my blog and looking back on my training plans I havent actually done lots and lots as things keep coming up be it, stag do`s / birthdays / events, its quite difficult to cancel that day with mates watching rugby just to go out and cycle for 4 hours in the pouring rain which would probabl result in some kind of cold anyway.

So last week I did a 12.5 mile hilly run around the area which seemed to really hit me knees hard, I may need to look at strenghtening exercises to supprt the joint better during longer runs, I managed it in 1 hour 53mins but did walk / limp the last 2 miles or so. Hopefully the next few weeks will help to up the running distances abit more. I went spinning a few times also last week which is now part of my weekly routine.

On Monday this week I went down to the lake for a swim, had quite a good session (around 40 minutes) and probably covered around 1.5k ish but was concentrating on stroke and form rather than pace.

Last night I went to a double spin class which was tough, Last week I attempted it but didnt take any food along and burned out after 90mins.

Last night I arrived 15mins early to the first class which was a real tough one, lots of speed work on the flat aero position, then I span for the 30mins between classes and then did the next class at 7.45pm, This class is a very hill / climb based class with large gears, slow cadence very very tough on the legs considering I had already done 90mins before it even started, I stayed after for around 30mins totalling in around 2 hour 45 mins of spinning. Good endurance training.

I plan to do a double class again Thursday and now my weekly training scedule looks something like this.

Monday - Evening Open water swim
Tuesday - Double Spin
Wednesday - Run 8-12 miles
Thursday - Double Spin
Friday - Rest
Saturday - AM open water swim
Sunday - Long Bike Ride (50+Miles)

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