Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Almost there

So over the past 2 weeks I have received finally my new bike (planet X stealth) White

Which I absolutely love, its so fast and comfortable to ride and have done around 100 miles on it since I picked it up around 10 days ago.

Garmin 305 fitted to the aero bars for full speed analysis throughout the race. I have calculated that I need to average 16mph for the 56 miles to come in at 3 hours 30 and 18.7mph to come in at 3 hours.

So my overall predictions for the race that ill be really happy with.

Swim - Under 40 minutes
Bike - Under 3 Hours 30min
Run - Under 2 hours 30min (will be very chuffed with that if I could do it)

with say 10min for each transition puts my overall 7 hours, anything under 7 ill be happy with being 1 hour 30 within the cutoff but will have to see how the race goes if ill be slower or faster.

Nutrition is planned and diet is set between now and race day. Now all thats left to do is rest up and hopefully be alive at the end of it.

Will upload a full race report next week.

Until Then.....

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