Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Season Taking shape

So its been about 6 weeks since I last posted but I will start to make entries more frequently as my plan begins to take shape

I have just entered the Outlaw half for next season as good preparation for Germany. The full outlaw race is based in Nottingham and is fast becoming one of the most iconic races on the calendar. This is the first year of them doing a half distance and is set to sellout within hours. The entries have been open for about 2 hours and already over a quarter of places have gone but Im in :).

The race takes place June 2nd 2013 which is exactly 5 weeks before Germany which will be a great dry run to test pacing / nutrition and that still gives me time to work on bits before my 3 weeks taper commences mid June.

My biking has come on leaps and bounds having kept my spinning up to 2/3 times a week and doing long hilly rides at the weekends. I am sure that if I can do a 50mile ride with over 3000ft of elevation in a good time then I should be very confident in doing the same elevation over double the distance in Germany in a better time.

I have taken up Body Balance classes at the gym also to strengthen my legs and core. I am hoping this will prevent injury when I start my running training for Brighton.

So next year the plan so far looks like this

14th April 2013 - Brighton Marathon
2nd June 2013 - Outlaw Half Iron
7th July 2013 - Ironman Frankfurt

I do plan to do some longer riding events e.g London to somewhere and also plan to do a half iron relay with some friends later next year.

Training starts 10th December

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