Thursday, 6 June 2013

4 weeks Today...

4 weeks today we pick the hire car up and drive over to Frankfurt, lots of miles to cram into those 4 weeks but after the outlaw half I`m more confident.

So since Sundays race I have`nt really done too much, I wanted to have a few days recovery and just roll the calves out and stretch off abit. I went for a short run last night to get the legs ticking over again but felt my groin slightly strained from Sunday so more running rest on the cards.

Since Sunday Ive realised that there are certain areas where I can make up time which will really help get a reasonable time in Germany, don`t get me wrong I know its my first IM and everyone says I should just enjoy the day but I don`t want to get over the line in 14:59:59, I mean yes it would be amazing to finish such a great race and it is a huge achievement but I feel with all my long hours Ive put into training I owe myself something respectable. Also if I decide to never do another full distance event that time I want to look at proudly and know I gave everything I had.

Simple things from looking at my statistics from Sunday I see that I spent 10 minutes total in transition, now if I could somehow cut that time down to say 2-4 minutes combined that could have the same time benefits of going an extra 0.4-5mph average on the bike for 112 miles. I`m not thinking Brownlee style transitions but just abit quicker than fumbling around putting bits on etc that I really should have planned better before hand. Now anyone who cycles longish distances knows that to average an extra .5mph for free would be something worth looking into.

This has also got me thinking about clothing. Every triathlon Ive done so far Ive always used a baggy cycling jersey with shorts, and after racing Sunday Ive realised that the drag my jersey makes just isn't helping anything so I think a tri-suit is the way to go. I purchased a 2XU one at the tri exibition at the start of the season but haven't used it yet because it was a little tight and I thought it might be restrictive but now Im thinking the opposite. If I wear the Tri-suit it will save me minutes in both transitions for not changing clothes and potentially will be much more comfy than jersey and shorts, I will start training in it and find out.

I am also looking into an aero helmet which next to tri bars is the greatest time saver before spending the big cash (wheels & bike), anything that I can save time-wise for a little cash will be greatly appreciated and hopefully when the race comes I`ll be able to do my training justice.

I`m cutting back my weekly training slightly to incorporate some longer sessions into my plan, each week I plan to swim at least 2.4 miles (one session), cycle 100mile+ (one session)and continue to up my run/walk by a mile each week bringing me up to around 15/16miles before race week. Even with just those 3 training sessions I will still be looking at 11-12 hours a week before I do anything else.

Check out my Mo-Bot from the video for my finish line picture.. which I never got :(

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