Friday, 20 January 2012

First Swim

I took to the pool for the first time in around 2 years for a proper swim, I think this will be my strongest disipline as I swam competitively at county level as a child for many years up to around 15/16 years old.

I purchased a poolmate swimming watch to help with the training as it apparently tracks your laps/ time / efficiency etc. After the first use I was rather impressed, I did 40 laps of the pool, the watch recorded 37 laps but I think this os because a few times I got stuck behind a slower swimmer or glided a little too much from the wall and confused it! anyway the 40 laps totalled to 1km (40 x 25m = 1000m) which was over half of the 1900m I am to complete in the race, My time was 23mins which after 2 years out I am rather happy with as I think with 4/5 months training I can probably get that time down to 20mins and without the stopping every 25meters to turn around I like to think I could put in a strong 40-45 min swim which when looking at last years results puts me right on track with most people. As I only want to complete the race and am not drivin by time I think a strong swim will allow me to feel more comfortable on the cycle as this is the leg I am dreading the most.

Swimming again tonight.

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