Monday, 23 January 2012

First decent cycle and Swim

Last night I completed a 62min cycle through town just trying to get abit of saddle time in as I am trying to estimate possible completion times of each discipline. I am thinking along the lines of the best swim in my life may only improve it by 5-10 minutes , the same with the Run but the bike could hold significant time saving as its across 56 miles I estimate as of not I would look for a 4 hour finish if I could maintain the pace I cycled last night. I cycled 16.5miles in 62mins which puts the overall time at 3hr24mins if I could maintain the pace but I think 4 hours is much more acheivable as I am likely to fatigue after an hour or 2.

So in my mind my current time goals in my mind are

Swim - 40-45 Mins - Cutoff Swim: 1 hour 10 minutes from start    (30-35mins ahead of time)
T1 - 10mins
Bike - 4 hours - Cutoff Bike: 5 hours 30 minutes from start
T2 - 10mins
Run: - 2 hours 20mins - Cutoff Run 8 hours 30 mins From start

Puts the overall finish time at around 7 hours 20mins which I obviously intend to improve as the training develops. Ideally I would like a 35min swim / 3-3.30 bike and a sub 2 hour run.

I also went for a swim last night after the cycle, I did 40 lengths with the pull boye in around 27mins and then 10 more lengths easy to warm down.

Detailed training can be found

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