Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Training Plan starts

Last week I did an 8.2 mile run at an easy pace and a few swims to get back used tobeing in the pool,

Yesterday was my first day of my schedule which compromised of a 40 easy run and a long swim made up of drills and structure, the swim consisted of 200 pull / 200 swim / 200 pull / 200 swim / 500 swim as the main swim, This was meant to be 1000-1500m but I just couldnt stand the people plodding in the fast lane doing breast stroke! Get in the SLOW LANE!

My plan consists of certain days being 2 activities e.g running and swimming but not bricked together meaning I really should get up and do one early and the other in the evening but that didnt happen this morning. Im sure it wont take long to realise that if I dont start training the the mornings my evenings are going to be full and I will be exhasted. Tonight consists of a 30min easy run and a 60min easy bike (again should have done the run this morning!)

 I will update every week with training progress and milage, for an accurate update go to my runkeeper


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