Thursday, 9 February 2012

Training Plan Stalls

So after around 9 days of plan I have acheived around 60% of it, Last week I got really keen into the workouts and did nearly all of them as advised. This week however has been slightly different, after abit of a bingey weekend I`ve struggled to find my drive to get to the pool or go out running. I have discovered that cycling in this -1/2 weather just isnt an option as my hands dont last more than 30mins as I discovered 7.30am Saturday morning, even with 2 pairs of gloves on I was forced home, tail between my legs.
      Ive been for one run this week! thats it 1!, totalling around 4 miles rewarded by a pizza that deserved another 10miles on that trip. I think I need to re-access the plan and look at my time and motivation to go, The plan has many parts that involve 2 times a day training but other than weekends I just can`t see it happening, at least until the weather improves.
       I plan to do something this evening, whether it be an hour on the turbo infront of the telly or a 6 mile run, I need to get back on this wagon! Fast!

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