Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Long time Overdue

So its been many many months since I last updated this blog which obviously is`nt ideal to keep notes of training and everything else going on.

So where am I now?

Over the past months It seems like I have been more injured than not injured although that is not the case it certainly feels that way, various knee niggles have somewhat restricted training but with various physio sessions and alot of stretching I am improving day by day to get my body ready for whats around the corner.

So next Sunday will be my first proper race of the season, I completed the Berko 5 mile fun run some months back but this will be my first proper test. The out law half, Ive been looking forward to this race all year as its the first year they have ever done it and will be a great test for pace and effort for Frankfurt.

My training has been going steady although clocking in no-where near the hours that my schedule has advised I feel that with all my niggles overtraining would not have been the best bet.

So far since my plan started ive stuck in 130hours in 24 weeks including xmas and nearly 4 weeks off due to injury. that averages at 5.5 hours a week so far but with 6 weeks to go and 10-11 hours a week at the moment it will be more like 6 hours average a week for 7 months, not amazing but with all the issues Ive had im happy to be still training.

Im currently developing my run walk strategy for Frankfurt, I always believed (naively) that everyone ran the marathon all the way and pushed through the pain, im sure alot of people do that but I am for sure not one of them. Im currently testing out run 9min walk 1 min and do this consistently over training runs, I will use this in Nottingham next week to see how it actually goes and adjust accordingly.

Recce report to follow

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