Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Recce Weekend

So this weekend me and some mates took the long drive to Frankfurt for me to see the course and the city to get a feel for the race day, cracking weekend overall with really nice weather and abit of a chill.

We got down to Frankfurt on the Friday late afternoon and decided it was best to set off on the Saturday.

6.30am me and one of the guys got up and went for a run (walk) along the footpath through the countryside, really great weather and a good chance to work on the run/walk. 1 mile run + 1 min walk managed a 54min 10k without too much effort which was a great test.

quick spot of breakfast and then onto the bikes for the day.

We left the campsite and headed to the lake (around 15miles) sorry guys :)

The roads were perfect tarmac and really straight and fast. We then joined the IM course from T1 and began to ride to the city, The lake to Frankfurt is fast and flat and with no traffic is a great opportunity to get some serious speed up before you get out of the city. Once through the city a left turn takes you into the middle of the country with fields as far as you can see with long sweeping roads (the kind that you see in TDF!)

The course goes through various villages and there is plenty to look at on the way round.

The climbs -

First climb is rather short and bends round through a small town and has a good descent coming out of it through various villages.

Second Climb is probably the biggest of the course and is not so much steep as long, small ring for me to just cruise up and save energy, after this climb is a 4-5 mile descent which is really really fast on these perect roads.

3rd climb (heart breakhill) not really sure what all the fuss is about, again not steep but long, little ring again for me with a really fast descent after back into Frankfurt town centre.

There are a few other smaller climbs but momentum takes you through them.

I have to say the road surfaces are incredible, its a very open course with straight never ending roads, perfect for tri bars.

We did 82 miles overall on the Saturday comfortably averaging 16mph stopping at it must have been 50 sets of lights and junctions.

On the Sunday me and one of the guys went back out to do the course again but only from the start of the loop once round which is about 45miles, we pushed a little harder as the wind was against us for the 20 so miles out but was with us coming back to Frankfurt, overall average of 17.2mph.

The course is incredible and I only hope that my continued training I can improve to really put in a good effort on race day.

Ill continue to update this blog with race reports as I go.

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