Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tomorrow I leave...

So its finally here, tomorrow morning I pick up the car to drive over to Frankfurt to attempt to complete my first Ironman.

Some things have gone to plan others have not, through injuries and everything else Ive managed 168hours of training which isnt really that much in terms of volume but hey what can I do? if my body says "im injured" then I have to rest it.

those 168hrs are broken down as

15:30 swimming
99:30 Biking
54:00 running

My plan said 320 hours which obviously I am wayyyy off.

Ive rested for the past few weeks and its really against everything Ive read in terms of taper and peaking for race day, I had a decision to make as to whether I got to the start line fully trained and injured or slightly under trained / rested but with hopefully minimal niggles. I opted for the latter.

This week has been rather stressful trying to organise the logistics of the journey including packing/car hire etc but i`ll be glad once I get to the hotel tomorrow evening to start relaxing ahead of Sunday.

Phantom niggles are starting to appear which I read is very common leading up to a big race, massage this evening to hope iron them out.

i`ll update again once in Frankfurt.

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